Print Design

I was originally trained as a print designer and I still love it. Why? Because when you design for print – things stay put. And, that's true in a couple of ways. You can't edit a source file for a 32-page booklet, click "Save" and then magically have all the printed collateral out in the ether magically update in real-time. Print tends to stick around, too. Look around your workspace. Do you see a business card on your desk or a calendar hanging on the wall? See? It still works.

Featured Item – Custom Pop-Up Card

Print Layout  +   Graphic Design  +   Finishing  +  Tactile Collateral

Pixelcrane was tasked with generating an idea for a commercial real estate broker to celebrate their 10 year business anniversary. The firm wanted to thank their loyal clientele for the relationships they have fostered by providing a thank you card and gift. When interviewing the company, I learned that many of the firm's customers have conducted transactions for larger operating spaces within the 10-year time frame. Based on this knowledge, I thought the concept of "growth" could be an interesting metaphor for the card and gift. The blend of creating an old-school tactile, interactive, communications piece with some branding and clever messaging was too good to pass up.

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Graphic Design, Document Layout
  • Paper, Pencil, Ruler, X-ACTO #2

Prior to finalizing the messaging, I fashioned a simple prototype from text-weight paper that would define the workable space and material size. The card would be produced in two pieces: a flat, foldable four-panel card – and a hinged insert that would serve as the dimensional pop-up.

My client specializes in assisting companies lease, sell and buy large commercial or industrial facilities. Thinking about the "growth" concept, it was conceivable that a common customer could start their business in a starter building or warehouse and then have the need for a much larger space once it is ready to grow. Based on this concept, I developed the phrase "Thank you for letting IPG help your business grow" and decided that the thank you card should be accompanied with a water-wise plant from a local nursery.

The next step was creating a full scale mock-up of the thank you card complete with messaging. Getting the flat piece produced on cover stock wasn't a big deal, but I had to put in some legwork to find a local finishing shop that could produce the die and mass produce the insert. There were several small cuts and folds that had to be accurate.

When both of the pieces were produced, my wife and I spent the weekend doing the final assembly. Many of the inserts required weeding and we used two-sided tape to affix the insert to the rollable card. It took a lot of time, but the final result was well worth it. The interior of the card had a time line of the firm's major acquisitions and accolades. It was a hit with my client's customers and I'm looking forward to what we will produce for their 20 year business anniversary.