Other Design Items

  • star wars lego holiday card
  • illustration for a salt lake city farmers market
  • custom designed letterpress coasters for my client gifts

01. Star Wars Legos & QR Code

A long time ago, before everything was awesome...
Whenever I see a QR code, I immediately think “Well, what's in it for me?” This was my 2011 holiday card and one of the most fun personal projects I worked on. And, I no longer sport a goatee. To create a diorama of my office, I used a combination of illustration and rendered photos. Each diorama was then printed on my laser printer, hand cut and sent to clients with a note wishing them happy holidays. If they wanted to receive the Legos, they had to zap a QR code and enter their shipping information on a temporary website I set up. Only a couple of people didn't get back to me. I later found out they were vicitms of the Sarlacc pit.

02. Poster for Winter Farmers Market

Adobe Illustrator was used to render the image digitally.

03. Letterpress Coasters

These were my 2013 holiday gifts to clients. I had a good time finding the best resources to get these printed. A couple turned out better than the others, so now I know who to use for letterpress printing when you'd like to do a similar project.

04. My Favorite Things Sketches

I had to come up with a concept for my 2014 holiday card fast. Tony Bennet saved the day with his rendition of 'My Favorite Things" while I was listening to Pandora in mid December.